Reading workshops around the project A través de la arena
03.03.2020 / 24.03.2020 / 14.04.2020 / 28.04.2020

7 pm
Language: Spanish

Planta 1


The four sessions of the Fadaiat workshop, under the care of Noemí de Haro, offer an opportunity to become acquainted with some of the issues that were discussed in the pages
of the Arena (1989) and Zehar (1989-2011) magazines, in order to collectively rethink the years during which they took place, their resonances today, as well as the ideas that we
can project in order to imagine futures. In an effort to intertwine our stories and to open the space to critical reflections and to the potential of interpretation and drifting, these workshops will generate a series of traces or footprints in the rooms, starting from the files that are present.

Under the care of Noemí de Haro in collaboration with Inés Molina and Lola Visglerio, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid