CentroCentro is a public, open space devoted to contemporary art which focuses in particular on artistic and curatorial practices. Through research, experimentation and critical reflection, these practices help us connect with the world we live in, in a way that’s imaginative and innovative.

CentroCentro is built on the local artistic context, with a network that connects it to the national and international environments and in close connection with the people who inhabit and visit the city of Madrid. The activities we organise are based on collective learning and on supporting work processes via a programme of exhibitions, concerts, workshops, seminars, meetings, reading groups, performance art, screenings and publications, among other elements.

The projects that we participate in are rooted in the desire to find other ways of confronting space and constructing historic accounts. For this reason, we aim to be porous, pursuing organic knowledge transfer without paying heed to traditional formal methods, exploring the boundaries and possibilities of the language of exhibition. We understand the body as a transmitter and narration as a space full of possibilities for critical questioning of the established. We value art as experience and the aesthetic nature of work processes as well as their ability to foster collective learning. This is why we draw on technology, which we understand as knowledge and as artistry.

CentroCentro seeks to share, with different audiences, both the results of the projects it participates in and the various ways they can be approached.