An Encounter Across the Sand

Luis López Carrasco. El futuro, 2013. Cortesía de Elamedia y Encanta Films
Luis López Carrasco. El futuro, 2013 Cortesía de Elamedia y Encanta Films

7 pm
Language: Spanish

Floor 3

Free entry

This activity has been canceled

This encounter delves into ways of editing by curating or curating by editing, that is, into the points of friction between both practices that have defined a modernity under construction (while at the same time they have become hybrids), and from what the editor of Arena, Mar Villaespesa, described as an “absolute majority syndrome”, now comprised.

A conversation that will address how those infrastructures imagined at the end of the eighties in the pages of Arena and Zehar have been formed, deformed and transformed during the development of the production and circulation of texts and works of art, and what new issues we should address from the multiple temporalities and individualities of the present.

Participants: Catherine David, Nuria Enguita Mayo, Laura Vallés Vílchez y Maider Zilbeti