VANG#9. 1970/2019: diálogos eléctricos

Alberto Rosado

7:30 pm


Free entry


Magnetic loop

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The last concert of the season with VANG will feature pianist Alberto Rosado, a veritable beacon of contemporary piano in Spain.

If any one thing has characterised VANG's approach over the course of this year, that has been the search for dialogues between different disciplines, eras or aesthetic proposals. 1970/2019: diálogos eléctricos is the title of this event, which proposes a dialogue between early works for piano and electronics from way back in the analogue days of the early 70s, and works of more recent creation, from the firmly established digital era we live in today.

We will listen to works by: Luigi Nono, Mario Davidovsky, Marco Stroppa, Jonathan Harvey, Raquel García Tomás, Arturo Fuentes, and Iñaki Estrada, who together account for almost 50 years of a quest for a symbiosis between the “old” acoustic piano and the new technologies of today and then.