VANG. Músicas en vanguardia. 2018 -2019

VANG. Músicas en vanguardia
24.10.2018 - 20.06.2019

7.30 pm


Free entrance until full capacity is reached

In VANG, creators of music and art come together. The one thing they have in common is their exploration of new discourses of sound, which run the gamut from contemporary music to free improvisation, sound art, experimental music, action art and lecture-performance.

Now in its second year, the series aims at promoting several of the objectives it started out with: to create a community in which suggestions come from both the stage and the audience, regarding hybridisations and symbioses between all of these ways of making sound which normally occur separately, without any connection to each other; to showcase the most recent creations, giving pride of place to the new generations of creators of the national and international scene.

As part of this search for new creations, Madrid-born composer and sound artist Enrique Tomás has been commissioned a new piece. It will premier in April courtesy of the Ensemble Container. Other pieces that will premier during the series include those created by Helena Cánovas and Francisco Ruiz-Montes for the Madrid Chamber Choir and soprano Natasha López.

From October 2018 to June 2019, VANG will feature a monthly event including artists and ensembles like Chefa Alonso, Haize Lizarazu and Núria Andorrà, Pierre Bastien, Trio d’arts, Esther Ferrer, Natasha López, the Madrid Chamber Choir, Marko Cicciliani + the Ex-Corde Quartet, Ensemble Container, Concha Jeréz + José Iges and Alberto Rosado.

Curator: Alberto Bernal

24.10.2018: VANG#1. Chefa Alonso, Haize Lizarazu and Núria Andorrà                       

28.11.2018: VANG#2. Pierre Bastien           

20.12.2018: VANG#3. Trio d’arts           

24.01.2019: VANG#4. Esther Ferrer

28.02.2019: VANG#5. Natasha López + Coro de Cámara de Madrid

21.03.2019: VANG#6. Alessandra Rombolá + Tanja Orning

25.04.2019: VANG#7. Ensemble Container + Stefan Prins + Enrique Tomás

23.05.2019: VANG#8. Concha Jeréz + José Iges

20.06.2019: VANG#9. Alberto Rosado