ExpoUAM. Haciendo Futuro

ExpoUAM. Haciendo Futuro
ExpoUAM. Haciendo Futuro
08.11.2018 - 05.01.2019

Tuesday -Sunday, 10 am - 8 pm

Floor 3

Free entry

The Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (Autonomous University of Madrid) was created in June 1968, and since then it has gained prestige as a stage-of-the-art public university. Quality teaching, leading-edge research and social commitment have become its hallmarks. Its history is studded with men and women as important as Severo Ochoa and Martinus Veltman (Nobel laureates), Ginés Morata and Jerónimo López (winners of the Prince of Asturias Award), Margarita Salas, Emilia Currás, Enrique Tierno, Fernando Savater and Cristina Garmendia, among many others.

Now, in 2018, ExpoUAM. Haciendo futuro (ExpoUAM. Shaping the Future) looks back on the fifty years since the university was founded, in a project that mirrors its commitment to the development of science, technology, culture and art. Held on the 3rd floor of CentroCentro, the exhibition is structured into eleven different areas of scientific and humanistic content contributed by faculties, institutes and centres attached to UAM. The Earth, the brain, nanotechnology and new materials, biomedicine, learning, humanitarian values, the humanities and technology are all encompassed in an overview that has a clear educational focus. Original objects, replicas, audiovisual material, 3D recreations, interactive material and other exhibition techniques and formats will enable visitors to experience UAM’s history, showing the impact it has had as a centre for knowledge expansion. In view, however, of the major undertakings that lie ahead of humanity in the 21st century, it will offer visitors some future prospects proposed by UAM researchers to enable us to meet these challenges.