The City Within [in the Rural Galaxy]

The City Within [in the Rural Galaxy], the book, is an invitation to reflect on the contemporary city, based on a double experience: on the one hand, the exhibition of the same name, and, on the other, the symposium held at CentroCentro in 2022 that brought together leading philosophers, researchers and creators from different generations, with the support of the Institute of Philosophy of the CSIC.

The book The City Within [in the Rural Galaxy] contains a debate on a number of sociological, philosophical and artistic issues and concepts related to the contemporary city such as the Telépolis, techno-nomadism, techno-feudalism and the infodemic, raised by the philosopher Javier Echeverría; reflections on creation and inspiration, transience and exile, pyknolepsy and subliminal comfort, sisterhood and gay knowledge, put forward by the writer Noni Benegas; and ideas such as the renunciation of the ego/author, plurifocal interpretation and peripatetic listening, posed by the sound artist Llorenç Barber.

These concepts serve as a trigger for ideas that allow nine young researchers and thinkers assembled by José Tono Martínez, the project’s director and curator, to explore the creative connections and intuitions that draw us into the experience of the city, in a context of questioning and replacement or dissolution of models of power between generations, classes and genders, between the city within and the countryside within, and in a post-pandemic dystopian scenario that characterises the so-called Rural Galaxy of the techno-city. The nine are Lola S. Almendros, Andoni Alonso Puelles, Eurídice Cabañes, Adolfo Estalella, Amador Fernández Savater, Alfonso Galindo Hervás, Leire Iriarte Cerdán, Alejandro Martín Navarro and Angélica Velasco Sesma.

EDITED BY: José Tono Martínez
YEAR: 2023
FORMAT: 12x18 cm
PAGES: 348
LANGUAGE: Spanish / English
ISBN: 978-84-18299-20-9
PUBLISHED BY: CentroCentro

Available at CentroCentro, Casa de la Panadería and online shop.