Drooling Lecture. The Materiality of Speech by Siegmar Zacharias

Photo: David Eckelmann
Photo: David Eckelmann

7 pm

Floor 3

Free entry

This lecture explores how the visceral bocality of speech and its meaning building sensibility create a movement between form and formlessness, fluidity and sedimentation, that can cause particles to reorientate and reorganize. It works through the politics of intimacy and alienation and their entanglement. It follows and ethics of enduring intimacy with the alien and acknowledging the alienating forces of intimacy. For Mirror becomes a razor when it's broken Siegmar will spin threads of saliva on/around/through virtual and non-virtual intimacies towards re- reorganizations of non-normative bodies of knowledge and flesh.

In collaboration with Ameen Mettawa.

Siegmar spends her life between performance practice and philosophy practice, between satelites and between the sheets. She explores the politics of alienation & intimacy in embodied thinking/being with matter and matters in collaborations with humans and non-humans. Her work develops formats of performances, installations, discursive encounters and curation/invitation dealing with questions of agency, ecology of artistic practice. Recent works include: The Cloud: a cosmo-choreography made by animals, vegetables, minerals, humans, concepts and emotions; Dirty thinking; invasive hospitality; Dirty Talk Series; Slime Dynamics. She teaches internationally and is a regular guest teacher at DOCH / Uniarts Stockholm, HZT /UdK Berlin, DAS Theatre/ DAS Graduate School