22.02 - 29.11.2023

7:30 pm


Tickets: 5 €

Since it first opened its doors, CentroCentro has carved out a space for contemporary music and experimentation with sound. In this way, through diverse areas of work – both in collaboration with others and unaccompanied – the centre has ensured the unwavering presence of contemporary music creation in the capital. Born from this premise was the project launched in collaboration with Desclasificados, a collective formed by Lucia Arnaud and Baldur Brönnimann, with which the centre shares the same objectives of promoting, raising awareness of and supporting contemporary music. Together with Desclasificados, we reiterate our commitment to building audiences, promoting contemporary creation, and providing a space in which musical pieces and material can be showcased in all its social and aesthetic diversity. It is our aim to facilitate access to and participation in sound creation, in addition to celebrating exploring and understanding our reality through the act of listening.

The Desclasificados and CentroCentro collaboration dates back to 2021, when Viaje de Invierno (Winterreise) shed light on how artists were affected by the pandemic and explored how feelings of distance, estrangement and loneliness are expressed in music. Abre tus oídos (Open Your Ears) (2022) was inspired by the sounds of our landscapes and their use in contemporary music.

2023 welcomes the Ausencias (Absences) cycle, which will bring together artists and programmes on the contemporary music scene that work with all that is unheard. Since its beginnings, music has been a way to give voice to those less likely to be heard and to forgotten, silenced sounds that are not normally heard in concert halls and venues. With these absent voices we wish to bring balance to this concept, staging repertoires and pieces that revolve around the unheard and the forgotten – in a musical, philosophical and political sense.


Three Voices. Juliet Fraser

Juliet Fraser, soprano
Newton Armstrong, electronic music

Sobre terreno insólito.
 Trío O3
Ingar Zach, percussion
Alessandra Rombolà, flute
Esteban Algora, accordion

Folie à deux. Vanessa Porter
Vanessa Porter, percussion

Distancias entrelazadas. Mahan Esfahani
Mahan Esfahani, harpsichordist

Anhelo. 1, 2, Trío

Judith Fliedl, violin
Johannes Piirto, piano
Bernhard Zachhuber, clarinet

Victor Trescoli
Victor Trescoli, piano + toy piano + electronic music

Attacca Quartet