Foto: María Matas
Foto: María Matas
28.06 - 29.09.2019

Tuesday - Sunday, 10 am - 20 pm

Planta 3

The first edition of CoCo Adults at CentroCentro is the result of the work and research of fifteen curators from Fundación Carlos Martín and Fundación Ademo. The mission of both institutions is to improve the quality of life of people with intellectual disabilities through the development of occupational centres, supervised housing and special employment centres.

Within the framework of the 100th anniversary of the Cibeles Palace, the specific trigger questions for this curatorship have been “how we communicate” and “how we connect”. Through creative action and critical reflection, they have addressed the different mechanisms by which we transmit and receive messages.This has given rise to letters in the form of wishes, advice, demands, doubts, to which the co-curators have applied their approach in order to be able to outline the main chapters of their exhibition.

Leisure and free time, relations and family, gastronomy, work and boredom, as well as one’s own (in)visibility are the main thematic focuses that make up their project. In order to transfer them to the exhibition space, they seek to go beyond their own particular vision and to extend it to that of the group, working with other people such as the artist Roberto Urbano, with whom they have created a specific installation for the exhibition. On the other hand, they have developed their own artistic devices, spaces for coexistence, and they have borrowed works that they consider fundamental to address these issues that concern them and to thereby share them with visitors to this exhibition.

Conception of CoCo and organisation: CentroCentro y Plataforma Indómita
Co-Curators: Mónica Crivillén, Gonzalo Gamero, Raul Benito, Ana Gil, Laura Ontiveros, Samuel Luque, Roberto Sánchez, Juan Martínez Alberquilla, Solange Chauca, Estefan Falconi, Rebeca Sánchez, Yasmine Jaramillo, Dolores García, Marisa Lacón, Javier Frías
Fundación Carlos Martín y Ademo: Carlos de la Calle y Carla la Parra
Artist-educators: Sofía de Juan, María Matas, Irene Pomar
Participating artists: Raúl Mainer, Roberto Urbano

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