Between Art & Fashion

Photographs from the Collection of Carla Sozzani
Steve Hiett. Cecilia Chancellor, 1996 © Steve Hiett
Steve Hiett. Cecilia Chancellor, 1996 © Steve Hiett
23.09.2020 - 17.01.2021

Looking means committing, committing to take an active role in what you are seeing, and Carla Sozzani knows it. A key figure in fashion, art and design in Italy, Sozzani is an international icon. She has vast knowl- edge of art history and an innate instinct to glimpse the future and trends. The collector became famous in the early 1970s because of her bold eye not only for fashion but also for photography.

Carla Sozzani’s extensive photography collection is comprised of works spanning from the 19th century until today and includes pieces by artists like Man Ray, Helmut Newton, Moholy-Nagy, Francesca Woodman, Daido Moriyama and Alfred Stieglitz, among others. This compilation is the outcome of 40 years of encounters and discoveries; it is an impeccable selection of images that embody the collector’s personal vision of the world, the feminine and beauty. This is an exceptional exhibition, a far cry from conventionalisms, which suggests a new perspective on photography and contemporary art.