We are a public culture and leisure centre connected to the city and to urban life, nestled in the emblematic Cibeles Palace—the former Communications Palace and the current headquarters of Madrid City Council.

Our programme creates a dialogue between disciplines—design, illustration, art, photography, urban planning, architecture, music, literature, and history—with the aim of stimulating critical thinking to help face the challenges of today and tomorrow. We strive to generate new ways of interacting with culture, based on intellectual reflection and entertainment, to spark the curiosity of an increasingly diverse audience.

We are a lively and vibrant venue. Our backbone is the architecture and history that surround us, the creativity that fills our halls, and the activities that bring the space to life. At CentroCentro you’ll find exhibitions, concerts, workshops, guided tours, events, the Landscape of Light Interpretation Centre, a tourist information point, a shop, a café and a restaurant, social areas and an observation deck with unique views. You’ll always find something intriguing to do here.

CentroCentro makes Madrid its focal point and core subject matter; the city’s calling card, from the heart of the Paseo del Arte Art Walk. Our quest is to be the best arrival and departure hub from which to feel Madrid’s cultural pulse.

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