Traces of VANG: Suspended Spring

The two themes upon which the third edition of VANG is based are objects and memory. Attention to objects allowed us to place the apparent simplicity of the everyday world at the centre. Memory, for its part, makes us ask what is concentrated in things to convert them into spectral remnants of what they once were. The everyday, normal world is deposited in objects through the narrative that is constructed around them.

The aim, then, of this edition of VANG, is to create a melting pot of different ways of bringing the bodies of the ordinary world and the temporal and narrative configuration of these bodies into harmony with our own. The spring of 2020, a period of time like no other we have known — of which we had no memory — stopped the clocks and switched on the screens. Without safety conditions it was impossible to carry on as if nothing were happening out there. We had to suspend it (the programme): place it in brackets between the world and its inhabitability, between the news and the risk to life, between home, converted into a shelter, and the outside world, transformed into a hellscape. Suspend means cause to cease for a time. In this case, it is a cessation of the possibility of life.

This book reflects the two places that have marked this other VANG in this manner: the suspension of its course until further notice, transforming the urgency of the programme into a body of uncertainty; and the two themes, objects and memory, which this cycle is determined to continue exploring. Peter Ablinger, Heloisa Amaral, Alberto Bernal, Carolina Cerezo, Marina Hervás, Anna Margules, Carmen Pardo, Jonathan Sterne and David Toop have contributed to this publication.

EDITED BY: Alberto Bernal, Marina Hervás Muñoz, Anna Margules Rodriguez
YEAR: 2020
FORMAT: 12 x 18 cm
PAGES: 219
LANGUAGES: Spanishl / English
ISBN: 978-84-18299-06-3
PUBLISHED BY: CentroCentro