Training and artistic production workshops
Design: Ceci Erlich
Janueary - December 2022

TELARAÑA is a project that works from two areas undergoing transformation: art and education. It consists of a series of artistic training and production workshops that experiment with different media used in contemporary expression and creation. Whoever takes part in a TELARAÑA workshop is there to create, to generate, to produce, to manufacture, to compose, to build, to make, to learn.

In this second edition, the structure is based on six media linked to artistic production: video, sound, graphics, installation, design and happenings. Each medium acts as a starting point, as a point of origin that ends up blending with other media and techniques. They are part of the same conversation about the world.

A total of 15 practical workshops with guest members and groups from different fields such as music, the visual arts, theatre, design and electronics. Time and space are the starting coordinates that determine the context of the action, as an exaltation of the “Here and Now”. TELARAÑA revolves around our current needs as a community, and prioritises the diversity of art-based methodologies that are in turn ways of investigating, ways of thinking. Within the framework of non-formal education, the training that TELARAÑA proposes explores the tensions between art and education based on experience, production and action.

TELARAÑA 2022 will take place from January to December, with a different workshop every three weeks. They are free of charge and a maximum of 15 participants per workshop will be selected.

Telaraña 2022 Team
Curator and coordinator: María Revuelta
Design: Ceci Erlich
Production: Oihane Chamorro