Training and artistic production workshops
Diseño gráfico: Guillem Bayo
Diseño gráfico: Guillem Bayo
Sala Martín Begué

TELARAÑA is a project that works from two fields that are in the throes of transformation: art and education. It is a series of training and artistic production workshops in which people can experiment with different media used in contemporary expression and creation. Anyone attending a TELARAÑA workshop is there to create, to generate, to produce, to manufacture, to compose, to build, to make, to learn.

The structure of TELARAÑA is based on five media linked to artistic production: video, sound, space, the plastic arts, and the body. Each medium acts as a starting point, as a point of origin that ends up blending with other media and techniques. They are part of the same conversation about the world. A total of 15 practical workshops with members and invited groups coming from different fields: music, the visual arts, cinema, design or engineering.

Time and space are the initial coordinates that determine the context of the activity, as an exaltation of the "Here and Now". TELARAÑA revolves around our current needs as a community and prioritizes the diversity of art-based methodologies which are in turn ways of researching, ways of thinking. Within the framework of non-formal education, TELARAÑA proposes a training programme that explores the tensions between art and education from the perspectives of experience and production.

María Revuelta is an artist and a teacher. She specialises in art direction and multimedia production design in different areas of the cultural and audiovisual industry. Her work has been shown at the Gijón International Film Festival, CA2M (Madrid), MulaFest, MUV (Florence) and at the Camberwell Arts Festival, London. She obtained a BA in Visual Arts from Camberwell College of Arts (UAL) London, she graduated in Fine Arts from UCM, Madrid, and she spent a year studying at L'Accademia de Belle Arti di Brera, Milan. She is currently taking a master’s degree in Artistic Education in Cultural Environments at the UAM. Primarily focused on issues surrounding artistic production and practice, she has been involved in educational projects since 2009 and works as a teacher in the areas of art, design and video. Currently, and indeed for the last 10 years, she has combined her work as a director/artistic producer with teaching. TELARAÑA is the result of a personal research that catalyses both worlds and explores new spaces in which art and the production of are can live.