Si CentroCentro fuera FueraFuera. Marc Vives

Research and Performance Group

Si CentroCentro fuera FueraFuera (If CentroCentro was FueraFuera) is a research and performance art programme linked to the exhibition series Absolute Beginners under the curatorship of Rafael Barber. It proposes an overlapping change of axis, bringing the oceans to the land or, conversely, relocating the centre to the coasts. It is formulated as an open and shared research for the study of the political and idiosyncratic capacities of the bodies and their technologies, taking the voice and a medium such as water as its starting point. Distancing itself from that which is terrestrial, far removed from “firm foundations, from balance”, while at the same time giving voice to the centre.

The fundamental driving force behind this proposal is a working group whose aim is to establish itself as a vibrant element running parallel to the dynamics of the centre and, of course, in tune with the spirit of the exhibition cycle. In other words, the starting point will be resilient work with the body and the voice, in relation to the space/time of CentroCentro. Mumbling answers to questions such as: Would we be able to transfer the way we move in an aquatic environment and its “laws” to a terrestrial physical structure? Could we propose a gesture that would imprint a vibration on that structure or that might even change it irreversibly? Where would the focus of that earthquake lie? And if we can’t bring the sea here, would it be possible to at least make some mud? 

Members of the group: Rocío Agudo, Carmen Aldama, Matilde Amigo, Mario Ballón Aguirre, Romina Casile, Camila Cañeque, Javier Cruz, Julia de la Torre, Lucía Fernández Millet, Maria Victoria Hernández, Luis Lechosa, Fernando Maneiro, Julián Mayorga, Paloma Merello, Ángela Millano, Paquito Nogales, Paul Parra, Paola Pilatti, Empar Polanco, Mar Reykjavik, Luis San Gregorio, Ilan Serruya, Iris Torruella, Silvia Zayas

The working group is currently working online.