Everything Else - Public programme
25.02 - 28.05.2023

Free entry

Mycelium is a tissue hidden underground which connects much of the world we live in, where strange and wonderful life forms force us to reconsider how life functions and is sustained. This analogy can be applied to the city of Madrid’s artistic and cultural ecosystem, namely the invisible role that creation spaces play therein and their diverse practices and ways of doing things.

The public programme Mycelium stems from the works displayed in all of the creation spaces which, in an alternating but interconnected format, make up the exhibition Everything Else, nurturing the very space that they inhabit and striking up a dialogue with different audiences.

The programme explores performative formats including, among others, sound creation labs, festive gatherings, workshops, talks and debates, and in-residence research

Participants: Aparador Monteleón, CAR-Centro de Acercamiento a lo Rural, Casa Banchel, Espacio Afro, Espacio de Todo, #Ey!Studio, FelipaManuela, Institute for Postnatural Studies, Centro Cultural de Experimentación y Documentación Artística La Parcería (CCEDA), La Juan Gallery, marcablanca, Museo La Neomudéjar, Nadie Nunca Nada No, Omnívoros, Planta Alta, Proa, Storm And Drunk, Zapadores Ciudad del Arte

A project curated by:
Amelie Aranguren (CAR-Centro de Acercamiento a lo rural)
Andrea Pacheco González (FelipaManuela)
lavia Introzzi (Planta Alta)
Ramón Mateos (Nadie Nunca Nada No)