Making of Earths by Geocinema

Film screening and artist talk 

6 pm
Language: English

Floor 5. Cosmopolitical Parliament, inside the exhibition room

Free entry

As part of the programming of the Cosmopolitical Parliament, in the framework of the exhibition A green jade lake, we will be accompanied by the Geocinema in the screening of their film. 

The history of predicting a total eclipse is also the history of linear time, storm prediction, the global market. The film circuits inside a cinema-globe situated at the centre of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Thai and Chinese ground-stations, climate research centres, conference halls and landscapes under transformation. Through the documentary’s disorientating gaze, the film unsettles the certainty of knowing by tracing threads of strategic collaborations within a growing network of bodies gathering data on the changing Earth.

Geocinema (Solveig Qu Suess, Asia Bazdyrieva) is a collective that explores the possibilities of a “planetary” notion of cinema.