Intergenerational workshops

INTERDIGITALIZADOS is a programme of intergenerational workshops in which we can reflect on how technology and digital culture have transformed the ways in which we understand and live in this 21st-century society and our relationship with the city, drawing on five key concepts: how has our perception of the body, memory, space, time, and community changed?

These workshops see technology as both a tool and a form of content. We are living in a time in which new technologies encompass all aspects of our lives, and it is essential that we take time to collectively reflect on how they are affecting our lifestyles.

These workshops are intergenerational, meaning that they are open to all ages; we are all participants and can all learn from one another. It is not only the younger generations that have something to teach the older generations, but also the other way round. In this digital world in which we are living, it is more and more common for younger generations to teach older citizens.

However, these workshops are focused on working together as a community, with individuals of all ages being invited to participate. Come along with friends, family or by yourself. Our own lived experiences will be the spark for us to learn together. If you are attending a workshop with children under the age of five, we will find a way to accommodate them in the group; however, please bear in mind that the content is designed for children over the age of five. 

INTERDIGITALIZADOS will take place on Saturday mornings in January and June 2023 from 11:00am to 1:30pm, with a different workshop every two weeks. Each workshop will be repeated twice during the programme. The workshops will be held in Spanish.

Pedagogías Invisibles is a collective with more than a decade of experience in art+education initiatives. The collective collaborates with public bodies on long-term projects, such as the residency programme Levadura with the Madrid City Council, and with private institutions such as the Daniel & Nina Carasso Foundation, together with which it has promoted the Planea Network. In addition to local initiatives, it also spearheads international projects with entities such as the Bergen Assembly and Pedagogías Empáticas. Ibero-American Art + Education Network

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