Inchoate studies. Lendl Barcelos and Ameen Mettawa

Saliva. Workshop
Inchoate studies
Inchoate studies

5 pm. Running time 3 hours

Floor 3

Free activity. Registration is required
Limited capacity. Please send us an e-mail to
Activity partly led in English
Please bring your set of tarot cards if you have one

Inchoate studies is an event and workshop linking hermetic cartomancy, ludic dreaming & perceptual minutiae. The event will consist of two episodes: a workshop on the numeracy of the minor arcana with a particular focus on its links to contemporary Anglophone cyberculture and a talk & discussion on extended listening practices (including
work developed with Deaf & hard of hearing people).

Lendl Barcelos (Toronto, Canada, 1987, moon in Scorpio) is a sense negotiator whose work intersects philosophy & sound in a mode played thru infra_perceptual sense. He has organized philosophy events at the Performing Arts Forum in France for three years and is part of the collaborative intermedia artist 0[rphan]D[rift>]. Lendl has shown work via Garage (Moscow), MIT Press, Tate Britain, OR Gallery (Berin) & Inkonst. Lendl is often found in ludic dream.

Ameen Mettawa (Miami, Florida, 1993, moon in Virgo) works in text, music, performance & occultural production. They are a member of Centro de Arte 2 de Mayo’s La Escuelita research group. They have performed with Claudia Pagès Rabal at Matadero (Madrid), La Capella (Barcelona) & Sharjah Art Foundation (UAE). As cloacum, they make music with the ritual traqueteo collective RALLIZE, and DJ as part of SORDA. They have written on François Laruelle & Terayama Shuji. Ameen is often found in lucid dream.