Frecuency Singular Plural

Performance art series
Elena Aitzkoa, Headscarfs close to the ground. Performance 4: Lindøya Island. OSLO PILOT, 2016. Photo: Rodrigo Ghattas
26.04 - 01.12.2019

Free entry until full capacity is reached

"Sound, musicality, voice, melody, spoken text, and noise, which rival and accompany the corporeal presence, are central to the performance art pieces that make up Frequency Singular Plural. A series dedicated to visual art performances which focuses its programme on the presentation of two new pieces of work every month and, in between the sessions, the exhibition of one of the two interventions. The double performative and visual dimension of the pieces defines the format and rhythm of the programme.

The oscillation experienced by a subject endeavouring to define themselves as an individual and as a collective, materializes in an almost robotic way in the production and listening of sound. These performances invite us to delve into a multiplicity of thoughts, an existing and a being with the other elements through the investigation of the cacophony of multiple voices in a public space, oral transmission, constant creation on erased words, sonorous interferences in the form of historical and personal inheritances, and at the heart of it all, the echoes of nature. These sounds record our doubts, our cries, our protests, our silences.

From the image, only made available as a confusing and changing reminder of live action, to the fugacity amplified by sound, through the noise that is, above all, an instant, which forces oneself to accept a message that flies and only finds shelter in the body of the other, in the feeling of the other. That present, those relics, remembering, revisiting and inventing are the tools with which the artists rub shoulders with one another in Frequency Singular Plural".

María Montero Sierra, curator

Elena Aitzkoa; Ángela Millano y Julián Pacomio; Ana Guedes; Laia Estruch; Nuno da Luz; María Salgado; Camille Aleña; Marco Godoy; Hannah Weinberger; Nora Turato.

Frequency Singular Plural I
Elena Aitzkoa. Paraíso Terrenal, 2019
Ángela Millano and Julián Pacomio. Make It, Don't Fake It, 2018
The Paraíso Terrenal installation by Elena Aitzkoa will be exhibited until 22.05.2019

Frequency Singular Plural II
Ana Guedes. Untitled Records, 2016
Laia Estruch. Moat. Structure III, 2017
The installation Untitled Records by Ana Guedes will be on display until 26.06.2019

Frequency Singular Plural III
Nuno da Luz. ON AIR, 2019
María Salgado. Lírica / 3, 2017
The installation ON AIR by Nuno da Luz will be on display until 30.06.2019

Frequency Singular Plural IV
Camille Aleña. Interpreter, 2019
Marco Godoy. Double reverb, 2019
The installation Interpreter by Camille Aleña will be on display until 27.11.2019

Frequency Singular Plural V
Hannah Weinberger. Concierto local, 2019
Nora Turato. Someone ought to tell you what it's really all about, 2019