En construcción: el cuaderno como género y dispositivo en la creación y el pensamiento contemporáneo

Open Seminar
Moleskine, screenpunk con licencia CC BY-NC 2.0
Moleskine, screenpunk con licencia CC BY-NC 2.0
29.11.2018 - 28.03.2019

5 pm

Floor 3

Open Sessions:

What is a “notebook”? Human beings have always created places to inscribe their fleeting thoughts: wax tablets, walls, pieces of pottery, sheets of paper... From the Renaissance on, this place for the transitory and brief would acquire the status of a portable studio, and notebooks would become another of the props available to writers and artists. The notebook, light as a homunculus, is placed in a pocket or hidden in clothing, becoming one with the body.

In this secret body-space, whose presence will instantly prompt genres and new perspectives of the self, such as the
“essay” or the “journal”, the piece of work is considered and questioned, it takes shape and collapses, it is completed yet remains indefinite. However, this dynamic place of contradiction is soon cleaned up, finalised and then forgotten, and the notebook ends up being a mere tool whose operations and uses are silenced as soon as the creation emerges. 

This open seminar considers the notebook not only as a tool, but as a device for thought or a way of existing in the world, whose unique operations can be viewed as the work itself.

Miguel Ángel García Hernández             

Mario Espliego, Amador Fernández-Savater, Miguel Ángel García Hernández, Patricia Molins de la Fuente, Constanza Nieto Yusta, Rocío Robles Tardío.

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