DRIFT. Theremin Melody

A Golden Age: Pulse, Throb, Drift
Rosana Antolí.Theremin Melody. 2019
Rosana Antolí. Theremin Melody. 2019

7 pm

Planta 4

Free entry

Theorist Donna Haraway speaks of the jellyfish as one of the ‘tentacular figures’ who are able to entwine modes of feeling and knowing in non-human ways. In a similar vein, the mysterious musical instrument of the theremin is played without touch and uses gestures to translate into sound. It is an instrument of choreography. For this final performance Theremin Melody, recollected and inscribed gestures of the exhibition will be performed live. Drawing on transparency and rhythm, the performance plays the gestural archive. An exercise in drifting, translation and buoyancy.