City Ideas. Miriam García García

City Ideas (Ideas de Ciudad) is a laboratory for research, dissemination and debate on the spatial and social transformations of the contemporary city. The aim is to create a city laboratory, an open research platform geared towards exploring the future of cities as spaces for culture and the generation of new social, technological and innovation paradigms.

The third conference of the cycle is that of Miriam García García, a Doctor of Architecture, landscaper, town planner and director of LAND LAB, Laboratorio de Paisajes, a Barcelona-based company that is dedicated to urban design and the planning of resilient landscapes. She combines her professional practice with research and teaching on both sides of the Atlantic, and her projects have earner her national and international recognition, such as the 12th Spanish Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism Award, or the 1st Prize in the 12th edition of the Arquia Foundations’ 2019 thesis call. She is also a Member of the European Commission’s Assembly for Climate-Neutral and Smart Cities and of the European Scientific Committee. In this context, her work focuses on the knowledge, dissemination and development of instruments that are able to face the challenges of global warming and the loss of biodiversity.

Looking back to the sanitary problems of the 18th century and the dawn of urban planning, Miriam García reflects on the transformations of the contemporary city, where objectives were focused on a staggering consumption of land and resources, which has brought us to a state of unprecedented crisis that we must address immediately by means of city sciences.

“We urgently need to embark on the regenerative transformation of our cities by designing ecologically variable systems and places that have the capacity for adaptive transformation”.