City Ideas (Ideas de Ciudad) is a laboratory for research, dissemination and debate on the spatial and social transformations of the contemporary city. The aim is to create a city laboratory, an open research platform geared towards exploring the future of cities as spaces for culture and the generation of new social, technological and innovation paradigms.

City Ideas is an online project of communication, reflection and debate on how the metropolises are changing and their vision of the future. The participants will include architects, urban planners, sociologists, economists and artists, among other professionals. The project explores how the city has changed in recent years, but it is also an invitation to think collectively about the future of cities: a kaleidoscopic and multidisciplinary view from the perspectives of culture, sociology and technology, sharing knowledge and the attraction of intelligence.

The programme will include monthly presentations by national and international experts from different fields of knowledge in which the following topics will be discussed:

- Mobility, Health and Air Quality
- The City of Care
- Domestic Habitat - Public Habitat
- Cultural Renewal
- Innovation
- Urban Ecology

The project will have an audiovisual format and will consist of monthly videos by experts, each lasting 30-40 minutes. They will be broadcast from this website.

See the full videos here.


Winy Maas
MVRDV Founding Partner/Principal Architect and Urban Planner. The Why Factory Director ( Delft University of Technology)
The Art of Urbanism. 27 January

Olga Subirós
Architect, curator of the project Air/Aria/Aire for the 2021 Venice Architecture Biennale
Radical Air. 24 February

Miriam García García
PhD in Architecture, Landscape Architect, Urban Planner, Founder and Director of LAND LAB
Eco-Resilient Cities. March

Marina Otero
Architect, Director of Research at Het Nieuwe Instituut, Rotterdam
Architecture Political Practice. 21 April

Izaskun Chinchilla
PhD in Architecture, Professor of Architectural Practice at The Barlett School of Architecture
Caring Cities. 26 May

Miguel Álvarez
Engineer, Head of Mobility Institute Berlin in Spain
The New Mobility. 23 June

Javier Peña
Architect, Director at Concentrico, International Architecture and Design Festival
The Emotional Cities. 21 July

Anna Puigjaner
PhD architect, researcher and editor. Co-founder of MAIO. Winner of the 2016 Harvar University Wheelwright Prize 
Private Space. 22 September

Ariadna Cantis, City Ideas Project Director, obtained her degree in architecture from the Higher Technical School of Architecture of Madrid. An author, critic and independent curator of architecture and town planning, she divides her time between the dissemination of architecture, town planning, research and curatorship, through projects, exhibitions, workshops and publications, in order to generate critical thinking between architecture and contemporary culture, carrying out research on the boundaries of the disciplines. She has been an advisor to the Ministry of Housing and has coordinated the exhibition programme of the Arquerías de los Nuevos Ministerios (the Exhibition Hall of the New Ministries complex). She has also coordinated both national and international exhibition tours. She has participated in the Madrid Centro Strategic Project as an expert in Culture and Communication. She was the Director of Communications of the Association of Architects of Madrid from 2016 to 2019. She was recently a finalist in the curatorial competition for the 15th Spanish Biennial of Architecture and Urbanism 2021.