Foto: Barriobajero
19.10.2018 - 12.01.2019
Different spaces

Saliva is a on long-term research conducted by Ainhoa Hernández (Madrid, 1989) and Andrea Rodrigo (Madrid, 1992). It stems from a desire to give physical expression to a number of shared concerns and stances based on fellowship (understood as a form of radical sociability that makes us band together in placing ourselves at risk). It also emerges from an interest in finding practices and structures that enable the production and support of other types of knowledge, other types of bodies, other forms of coexisting and working together which involve sensitivity.

The programme of public activities will bring together different practices that have partnered with each other, in one way or another, throughout the research process. Through conversations, performance art and sessions devoted to reading, listening, handling materials, training, meditation and food experiments, among other things, these practices consider, set in motion and propose other ways of doing, appealing to other ways of perceiving and touching, a skin that speaks, a tongue that touches.

Part of Saliva are: Barriobajero, Futuro Studio, Irene Cantero, Aleksandra Lemm y Emma Daniel, De Ubieta, Laura Ramírez, Daniela Bershan a.k.a. Baba Electronica, Simon Asencio y Adriano Wilfert Jensen, Lendl Barcelos y Ameen Mettawa, Nyamnyam, Mar Medina, Valentina Desideri y Denise Ferreira da Silva.


19.10.2018. Aleksandra Lemm y Emma Daniel
26 - 28.10.2018. De Ubieta
16.11.2018. Daniela Bershan/Baba Electronica
23 - 25.11.2018. Simon Asencio and Adriano Wilfert Jensen
13 y 14.12.2018 Lendl Barcelos and Ameen Mettawa
15.12.2018. Nyamnyam
08 - 09.01.2019. Mar Medina
12.01.2019. Closure