Inchoate studies. Lendl Barcelos and Ameen Mettawa

Inchoate studies

4pm. Running time 4 hours with a break

Floor 3

Free entrance until full capacity is reached
Activity partly led in English


Sign language

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Talk & discussion with Lendl Barcelos and Ameen Mettawa talk on extended listening practices (including work developed with deaf and hard of hearing people).

In collaboration with Fundación ONCE 

Lendl Barcelos (Toronto, Canada, 1987, moon in Scorpio) is a sense negotiator whose work intersects philosophy &
sound in a mode played thru infra_perceptual sense. He has organized philosophy events at the Performing Arts Forum in France for three years and is part of the collaborative intermedia artist 0[rphan]D[rift>]. Lendl has shown work via Garage (Moscow), MIT Press, Tate Britain, OR Gallery (Berin) & Inkonst. Lendl is often found in ludic dream.

Ameen Mettawa (Miami, Florida, 1993, moon in Virgo) works in text, music, performance & occultural production. They are a member of Centro de Arte 2 de Mayo’s La Escuelita research group. They have performed with Claudia Pagès Rabal at Matadero (Madrid), La Capella (Barcelona) & Sharjah Art Foundation (UAE). As cloacum, they make music with the ritual traqueteo collective RALLIZE, and DJ as part of SORDA. They have written on François Laruelle & Terayama Shuji. Ameen is often found in lucid dream.

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