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Tuesday to Sunday
The tour to the building pays particular attention to its history, the original architecture and its refurbishment process, as well as to the current use of its spaces as a cultural center.
06.2019 - 09.2020

Created in 2017, the New Dictionary of Old Ideas is a network of independent organisations from Central and Eastern Europe that is led by MeetFactory (Czech Republic). It expanded in 2018 with the incorporation of Spain and Georgia. The platform began working on the idea of Central Europe, its...

Planta 3
20.09 -12.04.2020

STOP VUELVO PRONTO STOP (STOP BACK SOON STOP) is an exhibition by Linarejos Moreno which will be on display as part of the centennial of the Palacio de Cibeles. The show uses the telegram as a starting point to propose a reflection on the meaning of the written message and its uses, which have...

Floor 5
07.11.2019 - 02.02.2020

Rafael Barber Cortell is in charge of CentroCentro’s second annual curatorial project, Absolute Beginners, in which he has invited six artists to put on three exhibitions, working in pairs: Tai Shani and Florence Peake; Beatriz Olabarrieta and Patricia Domínguez; and Ludovica Carbotta and Diego...


Preparing a piano consists of inserting all manner of objects into it to modify its sonority. This process also modifies the destiny of the instrument, glorified in the 19th century as the
centre of bourgeois musical life and its relationship with the world. To listen to everyday objects is to delve...

Floor 4
06.02.2020 - 01.2021

Since it first opened as the Communications Palace a hundred years ago, this building has had various incarnations and has been the focus of myriad gazes. This idea of looking, of assessing from different points of view, underpins this series of exhibitions, El Palacio visto por... (The Palace as...


A series of concerts curated by Jorge Fernández Guerra

Kuraia Ensemble
Andrea Cazzaniga, director
J.F. Guerra, readings

Olivier Messiaen: Quatuor pour la fin du temps. 2º mov: Vocalise, pour l’Ange qui annonce la fin du Temps
Maurizio Kagel: Rrrrrrr… 5 piezas jazz. Racket...

Floor 3

A project by: Marina Lujua Bellido
Participants: Lucia Aguado (double bass), David Grande (cello), Marina Lujua Bellido (voice) and Marta Minguillon (voice) 

This experimental performance will propose a reading of Linarejos Moreno’s canvases, in which the pictorial pieces will serve as musical text...


A double programme that proposes a dialogue in which works for tape, the live exploration of amplified objects and improvisation coexist. Three ways of understanding objects as
bodies of action: that of the fixed support whose sonic process arises from the damage inflicted upon it, the hidden sounds...