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The tour to the building pays particular attention to its history, the original architecture and its refurbishment process, as well as to the current use of its spaces as a cultural center.

Access to the Obervation Deck will be closed from the 26th October to the 2nd November, due to the Madrid International Light Festival activities. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Located in the palace’s great tower and open to the public since its rehabilitation, the Observation Deck offers the...

Floor 1
22.09.2021 - 30.01.22

Through a selection of more than 200 works, the floating world of ukiyo-e arrives in Madrid for the first time thanks to one of the most prestigious collections in the world, a veritable journey to discover the elegant and refined atmosphere of Japan.

In addition to the presence of the most...

Floor 5
14.10.2021 - 13.03.2022

A Green Jade Lake is envisioned as an experiential journey that invites the visitor to wander through its different rooms and landscapes and to reflect on the idea of nature in the contemporary moment. In a situation of ecological fragility, we need to rethink the relationships and flows that are...

Floor 3
12.11.2021 - 06.03.2022

The development of mankind, the origin of civilisation, the creation of culture and cities run hand in hand with the food we eat. Cultivation and Culture are one and the same word. The definition of City, according to the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE), is an urban area, as opposed to a rural area...

Floor 4
12.11.2021 - 03.04.2022

During the 80s, Madrid pulsated to the sound of heavy music. In neighbourhoods where heroin and unemployment were causing havoc (Vicálvaro, Hortaleza, Aluche, Tetuán, Vallecas, etc.), young boys and girls with long hair and tight trousers listened to music in their rooms and in the parks, saving...