CentroCentro inaugurates a range of Publications to supplement its exhibition activities and public programme. Its launch comes in response to a three-fold objective: that of generating knowledge, sharing that knowledge, and contributing new approaches to the narratives on which the artistic panorama of our time is based. Conceived as a critical tool of thought, but also as a vehicle for updating and revision, these texts address those languages and themes on which our projects are based: performance art, the visual arts, architecture, sound creation...

So far, three publications have been made available for download on the CentroCentro website. Mirar de Frente (Looking Ahead), brings together a collection of texts by Miguel Benlloch that have been edited by Mar Villaespesa and Joaquín Vázquez on the occasion of the exhibition Cuerpo Conjugado (Conjugated Body). Mirror Becomes a Razor When It's Broken is the result of a research process that is connected to the cycle of the same name. Curated by Sonia Fernandez Pan, it brought together works by Josu Bilbao, Lúa Coderch, Estanis Comella, Eva Fábregas and Rubén Grillo. The book proposes a relationship between the text and the exhibitions through the words of different authors.

CentroCentro is also working on a collection that has been designed by Maite Zabaleta. This opens with Frequency Singular Plural, a publication that expands the contents of the performance art cycle of the same name that was curated by María Montero Sierra over the course of 2019. Edited by the curator herself, it features the participation of such theorists as Brandon LaBelle and Pauline Oliveros, as well as the text that Beatriz Alonso wrote as a memento of the cycle. As well as a compilation of conversations with some of the artists who took part in the project such as Nuno da Luz, Laia Estruch, Marco Godoy, Anna Guedes, Ángela Milano, Julián Pacomio and Hannah Weinberger, this book also includes poems by María Salgado and Elena Aitzkoa and a visual essay by Camile Aleña. The second title of the collection is A Través de la Arena (Across the Sand), a publication based on the public programme of the exhibition of the same name that was curated by Laura Vallés Vílchez.

The third title of the collection is linked to the exhibition project El Palacio Visto Por... (The Palace Seen By…) which attempts to cast renewed light on the history and fortunes of the Cibeles Palace. The publication includes texts by David Bestué, elii [architecture office], Gloria G. Durán, Ángel Gutierrez and Elvira Navarro. Another two projects are underway, namely: Vang III, linked to the cycle of experimental music of the same name curated by Alberto Bernal, Marina Hervás and Anna Margules.