Europa y sus fantasmas

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Europa y sus Fantasmas (Europe and its Ghosts) was a musical initiative by laperaÓpera Company that was curated by Jorge Fernández Guerra and coordinated by Gala Pérez Iñesta, which took place in the CentroCentro between September and November 2016.

The cycle offered a thematic journey through the chiaroscuro, dramas and times of exaltation of the inter-war period in Europe. An era when tragedy and the end of a cultural, economic and political cycle went hand in hand with an extraordinary musical and artistic culture. The initiative combined music with contemporary texts of the time on literary, philosophical and artistic themes, read by Jorge Fernández Guerra and Nayra Darias Arenas.

The programme was organised into five thematic areas that determined the choice of the pieces included in each concert: Refugees, Borders, Political Commitment, Fun and Melancholy, Drama and Tragedy in Spain.