CentroCentro 2021 Programme

Giulietta Zanmatti Speranza, CentroCentro’s new artistic director, has presented the first projects for the centre’s new cultural programme for 2021. CentroCentro wants to advance in its mission to be a meeting place, where the day to day use of its facilities by citizens can become commonplace, fostering an active interaction between the public and the institution. To this end, CentroCentro proposes a multidisciplinary programme for all audiences, as well as the diversification of the range of services that can be found in the centre.

From design and illustration, architecture and urban planning, poetry and literature, fashion and the arts, CentroCentro aims to give shape to proposals and reflections that address elements of changing customs, urban uses, flows and social relations; proposals that encourage us to think about ourselves, Madrid and the planet, while also giving a voice to local artists and creators.

The first exhibition projects will be unfurled in February. Mostly self-produced, they span such disciplines as design, landscape, illustration, fashion and video art. Grey Matter. New Materials for the Post-fossil Era, curated by Ana Domínguez Siemens; Aqueous Madrid, curated by Malú Cayetano Molina, M for Em. Strolling through Madrid, curated by Tevi de la Torre and designed by Blanca Gracia; #FireTalkWithMe. Recalibrating how we Feel, Transmit and Communicate Fashion, curated by Ana Locking. 

Bringing February to a close, the video art exhibition Songs from a Forgotten Past will be presented on the 5th floor of the centre. Organised in conjunction with the British Council, this exhibition is part of the project We are here: Artists’ Moving Image from the British Council Collection and LUX, a series of five programmes featuring compilations and installations by British and UK-based video artists, curated by Tendai John Mutambu for the British Council and LUX. In March, CentroCentro will present PanoramaMadrid 00, a hopefully annual event that revives the idea of the Salon of the 16 which took place in Madrid in the 80s and 90s and which is intended to serve as a stage from which to revisit some of the best exhibitions that have been seen in the art galleries of Madrid throughout the year 2020. 

The programme includes not only exhibitions, but also digital content, such as the City Ideas project which is curated by Ariadna Cantis, and TELARAÑA, curated by María Revuelta, a series of training and artistic production workshops.

Music will continue to occupy a prominent place in the programme, with new editions of self-produced concert series such as VANG IV and Dissidences II, renewed collaborations like the one with the Higher Conservatory of Music of Madrid, and new additions such as the series organised in collaboration with La Folía, #AcusticosCentroCentro and the Winter Journey cycle.