VANG VI. Músicas en vanguardia

23.02 - 16.11.2023

7:30 pm


Tickets: 5€

CentroCentro is hosting the latest edition of VANG.Músicas en vanguardia, curated on this occasion by Sergio Luque and Victor Barceló. Working with creators whose starting points are various music and sound effects heard only by those who lend them an attentive ear, VANG VI delves into pieces that harness the power of music to transform our perception and alter our state of consciousness. The economy of resources, a concerted effort to find the simplest solutions, and the use of aspects of sound that more often than not go unnoticed are the tools used to create these pieces, which pursue a greater understanding of the universe and the immaterial world that surround us.

This cycle will feature two monographic concerts. In the first of which, dedicated to the French composer and pioneer of experimentation with sound, Éliane Radigue, two electroacoustic pieces and an instrumental piece taken from three different phases of the artist’s career will be performed. The second concert will be dedicated to American composer Julius Eastman and his pieces for four pianos.

Dutch composer and pianist Dante Boon, member of the Wandelweiser collective, will perform a live music concert on resonances and maps, the Australian Aboriginal Dreamtime and the sky of the Southern hemisphere. The Vertixe Sonora programme will feature pieces for chamber ensemble and electronic music by Spanish composers from varying generations, showcasing the diverse range of projects, concepts and interests that exist side by side today.

Similarly, the cycle will bring us concerts in a range of formats, such as that by guitarist Julien Desprez, a leading figure on the “noise” and improvisation scene, and by Breton bagpipe virtuoso, Erwan Keravec, who will surprise with the rich timbre of his instrument, with which he is able to create the sounds of electronic music. In contrast, there will also be a piece by Michael Pisaro performed on 16 suspended cymbals by 16 musicians, as one sonorous body.


Éliane Radigue. Occam’s Razor

Julia Eckhardt, viola
Yannick Guédon, vocals
Caroline Profanter, sound diffusion

John Cage and Dante Boon. Etudes Australes

Dante Boon, piano

Guerrilla Gay with Julius Eastman

Melaine Dalibert, Stephane Ginsburgh, Nicolas Horvath, and Wilhem Latchoumia, pianos

Julien Desprez. Agora

Julian Desprez, composition, electric guitar

Vertixe Sonora

Vertixe Sonora Ensemble (four instruments and electronics)

Crossing Lines

Michael Pisaro. Hearing Metal 3

Erwan Keravec. Goebbels, Glass, Radigue

Erwan Keravec, bagpipe