VANG III. Pedro Pablo Cámara and Ricardo Tejero

VANG. Músicas en vanguardia

8 pm


Free entry

Object and memory are the two curatorial lines that intersected the interrupted third season of VANG which will resume with this double event that focuses on a single instrument, the saxophone, with two of its leading exponents: Pedro Pablo Cámara and Ricardo Tejero.

The former, who moves in the very latest and most unconventional music circles, will offer a programme with pieces that seem to ask what this ‘object’ we call a sax actually is, deconstructing its functionality and clichés through its multiplicity of uses and contexts (such as in José Pablo Polo’s -TIEST, which was created from 83 sax fragments taken from YouTube). 

For his part, Ricardo Tejero, an institution in the free improvisation scene in Madrid and Europe, will round out this sax diptych through an inverse approach in which the instrument is transcended (diluted) in the space beyond listening and the real-time composition of free improvisation.