Trinidad Jiménez

Trinidad Jimenez
Foto: María Juárez

7 pm


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If the flute has found its rightful place in jazz here in Spain - a place that was denied to it by the clarinet for decades - it is thanks to Jorge Pardo’s perseverance. Trinidad Jiménez is the most recent member of this great family. Her academic credentials are borne out by her thesis “Y la flauta se hizo flamenca” (And the Flute Became Flamenco), and the experience she has gained over all these years does not in any way belie the content of this text, whose title is, by the way, rather more extensive and refers to Pardo, that great master and a true “influence” of his instrument.

A regular on Madrid's improvised music scene, Trinidad Jiménez defines herself as an eclectic flautist who has performed and composed pieces for contemporary ensembles, jazz groups and flamenco companies. In the last edition of JAZZMADRID, Trinidad performed in the “Jazz in the Districts” section with Quartetazzo, a flute and percussion ensemble that has released an album called “En el Aire” (In the Air).

Of course, the artist is known for her participation in other ventures also: the jazz-rock group The OKAPI Project for example, is equally noteworthy. As is the fact that her works for contemporary dance and flamenco have opened the door to numerous national and international venues. The publication “Clasijazz” once said of her: “In her music, synthesized sounds and jazz harmonies coexist with rhythms and resources that exude the legacy of flamenco or rock”. This is her first appearance as a headliner.

Trinidad Jiménez: flute
David Sancho: piano, piano rhodes, synthesizers
Gabri Casanova: hammond
Borja Barrueta: drums