International Jazz Festival of Madrid
JAZZMADRID 2021. Image:  Jorge Arévalo
JAZZMADRID 2021. Image: Jorge Arévalo
05 -28.11.2021

A new edition of JAZZMADRID21, the International Jazz Festival of Madrid, will take place from 5 to 28 November 2021, with a programme for all audiences in which CentroCentro will once again be the venue for several concerts and conferences.

This edition, as was the case last year, will once again be closely linked to the local jazz scene, in solidarity with the serious damage that the pandemic has wreaked on the live music world and taking into account the public nature of this jazz gathering. The programme, as always, will seek an aesthetic balance within its proposals; there will be an important proportion of emerging artists who will put their talent to the test alongside established artists in the final lineup, and in a transversal way, the presence of women who have chosen jazz as the musical form through which to express their concerns will once again be a constant in the programme of a festival that, as in previous years, will also offer a series of lectures by specialists who will examine the situation jazz finds itself in today. With all this, this autumn, JAZZMADRID will once again confirm its status as a living showcase of modern jazz from all eras.