Dissent. The voices of the voice

15.10.2019 - 24.11.2020

7:30 pm


Free entry


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A series that transforms concerts into a variant of the voice is obliged to dismantle the mechanisms of a ritual that has not managed to break free from the fetishes of show business. Nowadays, the idea of a concert, the act of summoning people to a public space to listen to something, demands an analytical reflection without concessions. What is at stake is the only possibility of lucidity we can allow ourselves, dissent.

An old philosophical problem speaks to us of the difficulty of the voice as a living expression of language (the voice of death, Hegel, the voice of conscience, Heidegger, the split between
showing and saying, Wittgenstein, the voice as invisible harmony, Heraclitus...). But this subject, supposedly arid and closed to the field of the specialist, has come back to the fore with a new fissure between thinking and saying on the occasion of the emergence of social networks: the profusion of messages, anonymity, fake news, futile speeches... all this invites us to resort to critical thinking with new vigour and forcefulness.

Curator: Jorge Fernández Guerra


The Voice that Returns
Laia Falcón, soprano; Vadim Gladkov, piano. J.F. Guerra, readings

The Voice that Says
Trío liaçon
Lola Bosom, contralto; Irene de la Hoz, guitar; Alfredo Calvo, accordion. Antonio Crespo Massieu, poetry and recitation

The Voice that Sounds
Mónica Campillo, clarinet, Juan Luis Gallego, violin. J.F. Guerra, readings

The Death of the Voice
Inés Ballesteros, soprano. Beltrán Calderón, Diego Arangoa, Manu Sellers, Guillem Vega, cello. J.F. Guerra, readings

The Limits of the Voice
Kuraia Ensemble
Andrea Cazzaniga, director. J.F. Guerra, readings

His Master’s Voice
Elvira Padrino y Manon Chauvin, sopranos. Omar Sánchez, piano. J.F. Guerra, readings

14.04.2020 CANCELED      NEW DATE: 22.09.2020
The Articulated Voice
María Parra, piano and composition. Guadalupe Grande, poetry and recitation

12.05.2020 CANCELED      NEW DATE: 20.10.2020
The Agony of the Voice
Jorge Fernández Guerra: Un tiempo enorme. Operatic monodrama
Laia Falcón, soprano; Mónica Campillo, clarinet

16.06.2020 CANCELED      NEW DATE: 24.11.2020
The Voice of Conscience
José Antonio Roig, tenor; Nicolás Calderón, tenor; Javier Agudo, baritone; Rajiv Cerezo, barítone – bass; Manuel Fernández, piano. J.F. Guerra, readings