Desclasificados. Abre tus oídos

Foto: Kyle Smith
Foto: Kyle Smith
02 -11.2022

7:30 pm

Free. Previous invitation booking required

Every sound is music now
Henry David Thoreau

Sounds surround us, they accompany us, disturb us, they make us remember. Wherever we are, they guide us, they open up new horizons or warn us of dangers. They frighten us, they amuse us. The great composers of all times used the sounds of their environment: sounds of nature, sound memories.

The aim of this series is to open our ears to the sounds (and also to the silence) that surround us and to see how contemporary and historical composers use this inspiration when creating. This season, the curators of the series, Desclasificados, invite us to pay special attention to this sound environment that constantly conditions us. As in the previous series, Winter Journey, the aim is to give a voice to contemporary creators, bringing them into dialogue with classical works. All the programmes will include an element that is related to the sound environment: composers who use sounds from nature, auditory memory, everyday noises...



Joonas Ahonen

Un bosque de bambúes

Wu Wei
Alexis Baskind

Partículas de silencio

Suso Saiz

Miradas Sonoras

Trío Zukan

Voces de la Naturaleza

Nordic Voices
Tone Braaten, Ingrid Hanken, Ebba Rydh, Per Kristian Amundrød, Frank Havrøy, Rolf Asser

Una distancia relativa
Trío Komorebi
Luis Homedes López, saxofón;Joan Boronat Sanz, clave; Bruno Hurtado Gosalvez, viola da gamba

La memoria quemada
Cuarteto Cosmos

Obras de Mauricio Sotelo y Franz Schubert

Donde suenan los monstruos

Una colaboración con la ​Escuela Municipal de Música y Danza María Dolores Pradera
Cristina Cubells - Proyecto pedagógico