Music Relating to Global Routes by Land and by Sea
La Folía
23.02 - 20.04.2021

7.30 pm
The first concert will start at 7 pm
sue to the current mobility restrictions



Tickets: 5,50 €

Pedro Bonet, recorder soloist and founder and director of La Folía, presents on this occasion a series of concerts entitled Coordinates: Music Relating to Global Routes by Land and by Sea, which consists of three musical sessions whose common denominator is the routes along which people, goods and cultural manifestations have circulated since the dawn of our era, among which music has had a significant presence.

The first concert harks back to Byzantium in the 6th century and indeed even further back to the repertoire of the Chinese Han dynasty in the 2nd century, when the Silk Road began, placing emphasis on such places as Toledo, Lyon, Venice, Naples, Alexandria, the African Gold Coast and India. The second session will include pieces related to the Arab presence in Europe during more than seven hundred years, while at the same time exploring a mythological and intercultural context. The third and final session will showcase a repertoire associated with many of the destinations that featured in the first round-the-world journey undertaken by Magellan and Elcano some 500 years ago, covering the so-called Spanish and Portuguese routes in a single journey until they circumnavigated the globe.


23 February 
Willow Leaf Satin Air. Music relating to the gold, silk and spice routes
Pedro Bonet, recorders
Works by Romano el Méloda, Alfonso X The Wise, Diego Ortiz, Escobar, Bowdich and Sloane (Anonymous Gold Coast and Jamaica), Virgiliano, Cantemir, De Voix, Playford, Dalberg-Bird (Calcuta-Erfuhrt), Loubère, Low, Amiot, Handel

23 March 
The Garden of the Hesperides. Musical cultures from the Mediterranean to the Atlantic
La Folía Baroque music ensemble: Pedro Bonet, recorders; Ignacio Zaragoza, recorders; Calia Álvarez, viola da gamba; Juan Carlos de Mulder, Baroque guitar and archlute
Works by Alfonso X The Wise, Gabriel, Narváez, Palero, Fuenllana, A. de Cabezón, Barbetta, Susato, Glettle, Ortiz, Rossi, Praetorius

20 April
The India Runs. Music relating to Iberian circumnavigation routes
Duo of soloists from La Folía: Pedro Bonet and Belén González Castaño, recorders
Works by Cornago, Peñalosa, Baena, Cerone, Destouches-Blavet, Anonymous (Coímbra, Buenos Aires, Mexico, Japan), Martínez Compañón, Hamilton Bird, Forrest-Corelli, Handel

No other Spanish group has been playing Baroque music with period instruments and historical criteria for as long as La Folía Baroque music ensemble. Founded in Madrid in 1977 by Pedro Bonet, it takes its name from the popular piece of Iberian origin, known in Spain as Folía, in Italy as Follia and in France as Folies d’Espagne, whose format was closely linked to the musical endeavours of the Baroque period. With a variable number of performers depending on the chosen repertoire, La Folía works tirelessly to revive and disseminate the Baroque repertoire and has often worked on monographic themes. It has performed in the most important concert halls and festivals in Spain and abroad and given concerts in more than forty countries in Europe, America, Asia and Africa. The group also collaborates regularly with contemporary composers, giving rise to a new repertoire for Baroque instruments (most notably for two recorders, viola da gamba and harpsichord and in certain cases with vocal accompaniment). In this vein, the group has performed premieres by D. del Puerto, R. Llorca, J. de Carlos, J. Pistolesi, T. Garrido, A. Maral, J. Medina, P. Sotuyo, A Núñez, Z. De la Cruz, J. M. Ruiz, D. Arismendi, A. Rugeles... in important international festivals such as those of Granada, Alicante, Madrid, Lisbon, Paris, Rome, Acapulco, Caracas, Rio de Janeiro and Istanbul.

Pedro Bonet, recorder soloist and Director of La Folía, has been Professor of Recorder at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Madrid, in whose Department of Early Music he also taught Theory of Performance, Improvisation of Early Music and Baroque Ensemble. He was also teacher at the Conservatory Padre Antonio Soler ( El Escorial, Madrid), Salamanca Conservatory and Professional Conservatory of Madrid. PhD in Arts and Humanities, he has also been invited to give master classes and courses in several universities and specialised centres in Portugal, France, Italy, Austria, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Mexico, Venezuela, Bolivia, the Philippines, Peru, Brazil, Singapore, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Ivory Coast and Ghana. He studied recorder under R. Escalas, graduated with honours from the RCSMM in 1978, and completed advanced studies under K. Boeke and W. van Hauwe at the Sweelinck Conservatorium in Amsterdam (The Netherlands). As a concert performer, he has worked hard to disseminate the Baroque repertoire using original instruments. He has performed as a soloist with an orchestra (Camerata de Madrid, Camerata del Prado, the Madrid Symphony Orchestra, the Porto Baroque Orchestra, the Spanish Radio and Television Orchestra, the Orchestra of the Gran Teatro del Liceu, I Solisti Aquilani...), in solo flute concerts, and in several chamber ensembles with La Folía.