Antonio Serrano and Constanza Lechner

Antonio Serrano y Constanza Lechner

7 pm


Ticket: 12 €
Discount ticket: 10 €


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Two flashes... and then the light will flood the stage once again when these two musical giants make their appearance. Harmonica player Antonio Serrano has made a lot of music, not only in the field of jazz, but also in other related styles. Years ago, the great master Larry Adler invited him to appear beside him in a concert organised in Paris by the United Nations, and since then, this musician is one of the few artists that can deliver the impossible. In that concert in Paris he shared the stage with Lorin Maazel, Salvatore Accardo, Barbara Hendricks and Plácido Domingo, among others. Since then, his universal harmonica has combined with symphony orchestras and with musicians with a clearly individual and multicultural expression such as Vicente Amigo, Chano Domínguez, Lou Bennett, Jorge Pardo, Carles Benavent or Javier Colina.

On this occasion, we will hear him accompanied by Constanza Lechner, a pianist with such a solid background that Rosa Torres-Pardo has said about her that her piano is dependable, brilliant and, at the same time, it has a highly polished sound. Constanza first sat at a piano when she was only two years old; a year later she was already filming TV commercials singing and accompanying herself on the instrument. So diverse are her works, that she has played the classics with many different symphony orchestras and with the likes of Javier Krahe, Ara Malikian or Javier Ruibal. The duo she has now formed with Antonio Serrano opens a chest full of treasures that have their origin in our classical music, but also in jazz and Argentinian standards such as “Oblivion” or “Adiós Nonino”, both by maestro Astor Piazzolla.