Self Reflective

Ludovica Carbotta and Diego Delas

The last chapter of Absolute Beginners won’t be an exhibition at CentroCentro; the circumstances have changed and we have had to adapt to them.

Seld Reflective is a video and audio piece produced by Ludovica Carbotta and Diego Delas who use fiction to navigate an exhibition that does not exist in space. A two-part story in which sound, voice and image become the elements of a peculiar conversation between the two artists. The piece invites spectators to let themselves be carried away by the experience of imagining something that could have been, in order to somehow make it happen in another way. Mirrors, returns, holes and empty rooms through which members of a family wander are the elements that will give shape to this story that will see the light of day this coming month of September through CentroCentro's website, along with a small downloadable publication.

This intervention corresponds to the final part (the future) of a narrative in the form of a curatorial cycle, which has been divided into three times/exhibitions (past, present and future). A cycle that has endeavoured to investigate the possibilities of fiction and speculation in order to construct alternative and collective modes of enunciation in which spectators can approach new ways of making the world.