Propuestas 2019

XXIII Convocatoria de Ayudas a la Creación Visual
15.10.2020 - 08.11.2020

Tuesday - Sunday, 10 am - 20 pm

Floor 3

Propuestas (Proposals) is a tender that was first launched in 1997 at the initiative of the now defunct Arte y Derecho Foundation and is now made possible thanks to Vegap. The main purpose of Propuestas is to stimulate visual creation by funding art projects by authors who express themselves through visual creation. This tender is quite unique insofar as it funds the creation as opposed to the acquisition of works from each branch of visual creation: Plastic Arts, Illustration, Photography, New Forms of Artistic Expression and Design. The tender was devised by artists to help artists.

This collective exhibition brings together the winning projects of the 23rd Announcement of Grants for Visual Creation, Propuestas 2019.

Visual arts:

- Leyre Perez Estevez, Ritmos de paisajes (Landscape Rhythms)
- Sara Chaparro, Proyecto de cámara oscura para retrato fílmico (Camera Obscura Project for a Film Portrait
- Yolanda Tabanera, Néctar y Cenizas/La curación de las tapias (Nectar and Ashes/The Curing of the Walls
- Fernando Moleres, Melting Landscapes
- Alegría and Piñero, Masa (Mass)
- Txuspo Poyo, El cuerpo se hizo pantalla o Las imágenes no caen del cielo (The Body Became a Screen or Images do not Fall from the Sky
- Cristina Mejías: Palimpsesto (Palimpsest)

Graphic design:

- Blanca Nieto, La Ciudad de los Coches (The City of Cars)
- Arnal Ballester, Plomo (Lead)

The Jury of this edition was composed by: Carmela García, Gerardo Aparicio, Menchu Lamas, Pello Irazu and Rosa Brun.