PanoramaMadrid 01
25.03 - 29.08.2021

Tuesday - Sunday, 10 am - 20 pm

Floor 1

Free entry

One of the lines of work in CentroCentro's new programme is aimed at the dissemination of contemporary art. This is the context in which PANORAMA MADRID has been conceived, an annual event that aims to offer a comprehensive overview and at the same time provide a map of the current art scene. Each year, a specialised jury will select what it considers to be the ten most outstanding exhibition projects from among those programmed throughout the season in Madrid's art galleries. PanoramaMadrid is intended therefore to be an exhibition of exhibitions that, open to all audiences, casts a focused gaze on the year’s most outstanding offerings.

As a public institution we understand the need to support and defend the value of the work carried out by galleries, work that is so important yet so often invisible. In parallel to their merely commercial activities, and even though they often go unnoticed by a non-specialised public, these galleries support and promote their artists; they present to us the latest works of the creative artists that they represent, they seek and promote their national and international recognition, and they help them to take their place in collections both large and small.

The project aspires to activate a space in which different agents of contemporary creation come together, thus establishing a meeting point for and dialogue among the cultural fabric of Madrid. At the same time, it hopes to become a point of reference and, in its broadest sense, a habit for visitors who, thanks to this initiative, will have the opportunity to approach contemporary art from the privileged location of CentroCentro.


Not only is PANORAMA MADRID 01 special because it is inaugurating this new series of events, but also because of the particular circumstances in which we find ourselves. The fact is that it has become more necessary than ever to revisit a number of projects that only opened for a short period of time or never even opened at all.

All the selected exhibitions have one thing in common: they are individual projects. A good number of them show us the latest works by such artists as Tamara Arroyo, June Crespo, Isaac Julien, Juan Luis Moraza, Cristina Lucas and Ana Santos in a variety of formats ranging from installation to sculpture or from painting to video-creation. Others bring us closer to trajectories and works from the context of the 20th century, as is the case of Ana Mendieta, Aurèlia Muñoz (with pieces from 1970 to 1985), Elena Asins (with works from 1971 to 1995) and Óscar Domínguez (with paintings from 1948 to 1952).

In other words, in keeping with the spirit that has inspired this series of events and as its name suggests, PANORAMA MADRID 01 provides a broad panorama of artistic creation in all its dimensions, and also gives a second lease of life to exhibitions that, like CentroCentro itself, had to abruptly close their doors, leaving their rooms full of art yet sadly devoid of visitors.

The PANORAMA MADRID 01 jury was made up of five critics from the specialised press: Bea Espejo, Luisa Espino, Marta Gómez, Laura Revuelta and Rocío de la Villa. 

Selected Projects:

Tamara Arroyo. Pura calle. Galería nf / Nieves Fernández 
Elena Asins. Obras de 1971 a 1995. Galería Elvira González 
June Crespo. Voy, sí. Galería Heinrich Ehrhardt  
Óscar Domínguez. El triple trazo. 1948-1952. Galería Guillermo de Osma 
Isaac Julien. Lina Bo Bardi – Un maravilloso enredo. Galería Helga de Alvear
Cristina Lucas. Subjects in Mirror are Closer than they Appear. Galería Albarrán Bourdais 
Ana Mendieta. Tropic-Ana. Galería NoguerasBlanchard
Juan Luis Moraza. Tripalium. Espacio Mínimo Galería
Aurèlia Muñoz. textura, tensión, espacio [1970-1985]. Galería José de la Mano
Ana Santos. Verão. Galería The Goma ​​