The New Dictionary of Old Ideas

Open call for artists based in Spain
The New Dictionary of Old Ideas
11.01 - 18.02.2019

hablarenarte and CentroCentro, in the framework of the programme The New Dictionary of Old Ideas, open a call for three production residencies with a duration of 3 months each (from June to August 2019). The residencies will be connected to a travelling exhibition to happen in 2020.

This call is aimed at artists who work and live in Spain. Deadline: February 18th, 2019.

The leading theme of The New Dictionary of Old Ideas is Central Europe. In the course of the centuries, this concept has changed many times its geographic and political dimensions. The main aim of the project is to work around this topic as a direct response to the current cultural and political situation in Europe, with the strong rise of nationalism, EU-skepticism and anti-immigration attitudes. 

The three selected artists will develop their residency at Meetfactory, Prague (June-July, 2019) and Trafo, Szczecin (August, 2019), together with three artists from Georgia and the two exhibition curators, Alba Folgado and Data Chigholashvili(information see below). The resulting works of the residencies will be part of a touring exhibition to take place in 2020 at CentroCentro(Madrid), Silk Museum (Tbilisi), Meetfactory (Prague) and Trafo(Szczecin).

This programme is based on a project under the same title developed during the last two years by a network of Eastern and Central European cultural agents, led by Meetfactory.

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