Madrid, a Medias
09.03 - 17.06.2018

Tuesday to Sunday, from 10am to 20pm

Floor 4

Free entry

Madrid, a medias is a series of exhibitions on the hopeful, welcoming and joyous city that arose in a decade of crisis and indignation (2007-2017). The project gives us a window into the enlightened city that has sprung up in urban gardens, social centres, self-managed plots, neighbourhood spaces, social markets and neighbourhood festivities. It is a halffinished city, moulded by many hands and open to new suggestions, new dreams and new collaborative initiatives; a city created through other means, with other materials and other resources.

The second exhibition in the series, Manual Cities, presents the universe of files, documentation systems and databases, infrastructures and technologies that have enabled citizens' groups to get to grips -through mass involvement- with overwhelming cases of distress and ruin, and to take on the complex design of new scenarios for hope. 

Curators: Adolfo Estalella y Alberto Corsín Jiménez

Madrid, a medias
Madrid, a medias
Madrid, a medias