M for Em. Strolling through Madrid

IIlustration by Esther Llamazares
Imagen: ilustración de Esther Llamazares
11.02 - 06.06.2021

Tuesday - Sunday, 10 am - 20 pm

Planta 4

Free entry

Strolling through Madrid, we wake up to the life there is in the markets, we run in the parks, we take nourishment in taverns and museums, we dance in bars and at street parties...

To the rhythm of a typical day, M for Em looks back at the illustrations that have been published about Madrid in the illustrated printed magazine that the Madrid City Council has produced over the course of the past four years under different headings. Some of the best-known names in local and national illustration have collaborated in the magazine, such as, among others: Carla Berrocal, Javier de Juan, Ana Galvañ, Victoria Martos, Miguel Ángel Martín or Fernando Vicente. The magazine and more than 70 guest authors have worked on the idea of Madrid and have given their particular vision of the vignettes and the peculiarities of this city.

To mark the opening of the new season at CentroCentro, M for Em has prepared a tour of the city of Madrid through the wealth of material that the magazine has generated throughout its prolific life, giving rise to new formats and approaches. The exhibition, which will occupy the 4th floor, will give new value to these illustrations, offering a comprehensive vision that will pay tribute to the myriad sensibilities that have graced the pages of the magazine during this time.


Curator: Tevi de la Torre
Exhibition and graphic design: Blanca Gracia