loà ots

Josu Bilbao and Estanis Comella
12.04 - 09.06.2019

Tuesday - Sunday, 10 am - 20 pm

Planta 5

Free entry

For this third exhibition in the series Mirror Becomes a Razor When It’s Broken, artists Josu Bilbao (Bermeo, Vizcaya, 1978) and Estanis Comella (Lleida, 1985) present a spatial experience through their joint work in the field of sculpture.

The series, curated by Sonia Fernández Pan, includes four individual exhibitions and several related activities and texts. Within the research that it proposes, this third exhibition is the result of an invitation that was extended to Josu Bilbao on account of his previous work with a materiality that is still considered as residual within the human hierarchies that we apply to the environment of which we are a part, along with many other elements. Also on account of the linguistic relationships that transcend verbal language and emerge thanks to the presence of material elements that not only share the same space, but also create it. From this proposal comes Josu Bilbao’s invitation to Estanis Comella, working together in the process that gives rise to the intervention that occupies (and produces) the space on the fifth floor of CentroCentro.

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