Landscape of Light Interpretation Center

Landscape of Light
Exposición permanente

Tuesday - Sunday, 10 am - 8 pm

Floor 2

The Landscape of Light Interpretation Centre provides comprehensive information on the values responsible for the inscription of this unique cultural landscape in UNESCO’s World Heritage List.

Panels, videos and tablets show the history, art, nature, science, universal model and all of the things that make the Landscape of Light a site of Outstanding Universal Value. In addition, a model of the Landscape of Light provides an overview of how the area has evolved over the centuries. Video mapping is used to project an image onto its surface.

Every six months, one of the establishments located in the Landscape of Light is chosen as the guest institution and lends some of its pieces to the centre to showcase the tremendous value housed within all of these institutions.

The centre has pamphlets and maps available in several different languages.