Lambda Files. The Project for the Munch Museum of Oslo

Photos: Iwan Baan
Photos: Iwan Baan
22.04 -28.08.2022

Tuesday - Sunday, 10 am - 8 pm

Floor 4

Free entry

Curated by Valentin Roma and coproduced by CentroCentro, La Virreina Centre de la Imatge in Barcelona and Arc en Rêve in Bordeaux, this exhibition documents the twelve years of work that estudioHerreros has devoted to the project and to the construction of the Munch Museum of Oslo.

The name of the exhibition, Lambda Files, uses the name that estudioHerreros used to protect the anonymity of its entry in the international tender that was awarded in 2009 and which, rather unusually, was used by the media until the building began to be built. Far removed from the grammars employed in architecture exhibitions, the idea of a file is manifested here through a series of materials that document the internal history of the project and that don’t usually see the light of day given that they are considered “bureaucratic papers”, avoiding the usual plans and photos in which there is no trace of the innumerable contingencies that accompany the design and commissioning processes.

In the midst of a scenario in which museums are rethinking their role and their public purpose, we consider it necessary to address a radically different case: that of a museum that is built from scratch, that of a city that changes its physiognomy due to the construction of a new architectural element, that of certain civic and collective uses that give meaning to a cultural infrastructure.

Hence, Lambda Files. The Project for the Munch Museum of Oslo shows how new forms of architecture are the result of intense processes of political and social dialogue, of long-term collaborations between different agents. Well worth highlighting among numerous documents on display are the unpublished images that photographer Iwan Baan took of the building and its surroundings, which rather than presenting it from a fetishist or objectual perspective, do so from a situated prism of as yet unforeseen use.

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