Japan. A Story of Love and War

Japón. Una historia de amor y guerra
22.09.2021 - 30.01.22
Floor 1

Through a selection of more than 200 works, the floating world of ukiyo-e arrives in Madrid for the first time thanks to one of the most prestigious collections in the world, a veritable journey to discover the elegant and refined atmosphere of Japan.

In addition to the presence of the most prestigious Japanese artists, such as Hiroshige, Utamaro, Hokusai or Kuniyoshi, the exhibition offers a complete overview of life in Japan from the Edo period (1603-1868) to the 20th century through displays of samurai armours, kimonos, fans and photographs. Divided into eleven sections, our journey meanders through the compelling female world of the geishas and the legend of the faithful samurai warriors, not forgetting about the history of the creation of ukiyo-e and the famous shunga prints, rich in erotism. The cultural world is immortalised in portraits of actors and in scenes from and Kabuki theatre, while the world of nature is idealised in paintings of flowers, birds and landscapes.

Produced and organised by Evolucionarte, in collaboration with CentroCentro, the exhibition shows a selection of the Pietro Gobbi - Enzo Bartolone Collection, renowned scholars and collectors of Japanese art.

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