African Studies. Edward Burtynsky

PHotoEspaña 2023
Edward Butynsky Gold Tailings #1
Edward Butynsky Gold Tailings #1, Doornkop Gold Mine, Johannesburg, South Africa, 2018 © E. Burtynsky, courtesy Nicholas Metivier Gallery, Toronto
09.06 - 01.10.2023

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The 54 countries that make up the African continent span a broad spectrum of governments and economies and are physically divided down the middle by the Sahara desert. This new series of photographs by Edward Burtynsky focuses on the sub-Saharan area and reflects his experience in Kenya, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Ghana, Senegal, South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Madagascar and Tanzania.

Throughout Africa, as in most other places in the developed and developing world, wildlife, forests and indigenous peoples pay too high a price for industrial development. With this project, the author seeks to make society aware of the high cost of the growth of our civilization without taking sustainable practices into account and of the need to launch government initiatives organized on a global scale, to protect present generations and future of what is about to be lost forever.

With the planet’s ever-increasing population and the appetite for limitless economic and technological expansion, the African continent, home to an enormous wealth of untapped resources, is a fragile final frontier in the crosshairs of progress.

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